A Discovery of Oranges

Babies abound Chez Caine, baby bunnies, and a whole lot of baby fox squirrels. This little one has just discovered oranges, and they are good.  1100 x 731, click for larger size.






8 thoughts on “A Discovery of Oranges

  1. Oh, thank you! The Fox squirrels on my property are easy – they eat well, and don’t much care if I’m on top of them taking photos. :D

  2. It almost looks as if that orange is emitting light, oranging-up the squirrel’s fur. Especially in the second pic.

  3. That could well be the motto of the baby squirrels – honestly, going by their reaction on discovering oranges, there should be a heavenly ray of sun and choruses of angelic singing going on.

  4. I love these pics, especially the (to steal from cicely) oranging-up of the fur.

  5. Thank you, Tony! Between the Orioles, the squirrels, and myself, it’s been hard to keep enough oranges in the house. :D

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