A Knotty Start

Getting started on the peace part of the Peace Quilt.


Bird and Book

Catching up with the second bird on the Peace Quilt, and listened to Breaking Creed by Alex Kava, obtained through LibraryThing’s Early Reviewers.


LibraryThing Early Reviewers
I find office politics to be tedious, along with hand-wringing rhetoric about the U.S. ‘war’ on drugs. Breaking Creed has way too much of both, along with just about every broken, bad trope out there, splashed with extra melodrama. An unwelcome insularity starts early on, with the “oh, they look like American kids”, because not one place on the planet outside the States has kids with white skin and blonde hair. And of course, it’s the only woman on the boat who makes a move to take care of the kids, because, gosh, men couldn’t possibly do that. There are times I’m willing to let such things slide, but this is not one of them, as the whole book moves from one unwelcome trope to the next, with jingoistic undercurrents. I also felt the dog handling parts of the book weren’t done well. (Jan Burke provides an outstanding example of writing about dog handling and SAR work in Bones.) I have enjoyed a number of Kava’s other books, but this one was a real disappointment.

I was sent the audiobook through LibraryThing’s Early Reviewers, and while I have little experience with audiobooks, I found the reading by Graham Winton to be very good. 6 discs, 7 hours play time.

A bit behind

I spent most of yesterday in hospital, having chest pains investigated (I’m okay), so I am a bit behind on the second bird. Hopefully, I’ll catch up quickly.


A bird to begin

While the peace sign will be the bulk of embroidery on the Peace Quilt, there are a couple of birds, dragonflies, and butterflies too. Got a start on one of the birds today.


Colour Mapping

I’m still sewing seams, but took a bit of time out to map out the colours of the peace sign I’ll be embroidering (that one is approximately 40″ x 40″) so that I have some idea of what I want to do. It’s a rough map, as my colour pencils aren’t quite as varied as my stash of embroidery floss. I’m looking forward to working this one, having fun with colour is one of my favourite things. The leafy peace sign is from Urban Threads.


Getting there

Getting the edges done on the Dragon Quilt.


Edge Prep

Getting the quilt edging ready to be sewn.


Washed, Dried, and Detailed

The detail quilting is done, Yay! The quilt survived washing and drying quite nicely. Now to add the 3rd layer of batting, and finish up the background quilting.  Full size image.


The Forgotten Feet

There I was, thinking I might actually finish quilting the tail today, when…I noticed the front feet weren’t quilted. So, not finished yet.