Tuesday’s Knots

As of yesterday, 65 skeins used, total work time: 396 hours.

Still reading Between the World and Me, by Ta Nehisi Coates.

Watched: The Hundred Foot Journey, a predictable, but sweet and charming movie.

Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter, a dull, drear, slog of a film.

The Little Foxes, no one does bad like Bette Davis.

Okay, back to work! Click image for larger size.


Knot again

Now that the borders are partially done, I’m able to reseat the Tree Quilt in the frame, and get back to knotting for a while. As of today, 62 skeins used.

Recently read: The Little Paris Bookshop, by Nina George. A pleasant, sentimental journey. Currently reading: Between the World and Me, by Ta Nehisi Coates. Excellent, a must read.

Listening: Load, Metallica.

Watched: Infini. Beginning: stupid and irrelevant premise. Middle: gratuitous violence. End: Awww, the evil gelatin which grows like crystals sees the noble light of humanity, restores all the chopped up bits of people, and take on a humanoid form, because humans are the bestest ever! Rates a near fatal eyeroll. If you cherish your brain cells, spare them this mess.


Seaming along

Sew, sew, sew your quilt, gently down the seam…starting on sewing the inner border seams today. I’d love to take this outside, spread it out, and sew in the sun, but the mosquitoes! So indoors it shall be.  Click image for larger size.


In pursuit of shape

I really have to get to work on doing the tree quilt borders, but as it’s work I don’t enjoy much, I took a bit of time out this morning with my sketchbook, camera, and monster dogs for a walkabout on property to do some tree gazing. (I enjoy tree gazing a great deal anyway, so a nice way to spend a bit of morning, except for being savaged by mosquitoes.) Now I’ll have to get the bloody borders done, else I can’t get all these wondrous shapes onto the tree quilt otherwise (too small now for the frame, until the borders are on. mmmmph).








Batik Borders

It’s time to let the knot work rest a bit, off frame, and to get the batiks ironed, measured, cut, hemmed, and sewn onto the main piece of the Tree Quilt. Click images for larger size.



Knotting away…

and now that I have a functioning keyboard again, I can post about it. Broke down and got a weekly planner, to keep better track of working hours.

Recently read: The Three Evangelists and Dog Will Have His Day, by Fred Vargas.

Listening: Ulali, Mahk Jchi.

Watched: Seventh Son. Silly fun, a popcorn flick. A visual feast (actors, landscape, effects), although, on the actor front, I think Kit Harington would have made a better Tom Ward. (No, I have not read any of the books, which is most likely why I thought the movie was fun.) Okay, back to work! Oh, as of yesterday, 54 skeins used.



Still Knotty

A bit further on with the Tree quilt. Click image for larger size. Skeins used so far: 41.

Recently read: Wash This Blood Clean From My Hand by Fred Vargas, currently reading This Night’s Foul Work by Fred Vargas. I have joined the ranks of those who worship Violette Retancourt. I wish she was real, and was president of the universe.

Listening: Carl Orff, Trionfi.

Watched: Big Hero 6: much fun, and gorgeous artwork.

The Judge: I shall let DEATH speak for me: “Oh. Drama.”

Maleficent: A crushing disappointment. In Disney’s famous animated Sleeping Beauty, most everyone was fascinated by (and often rooting for) the self-described Mistress of all evil, Maleficent. Maleficent was a strong, confident, powerful, beautiful, mature woman, who embraced utterly her wickedness. She was beyond grand. In the current movie, Disney has managed to completely neuter Maleficent (and Diablo, too), transforming her from an entrancing and complex character into a bland, soppy, one-dimensional cardboard cutout of a girl, a la Aurora. Gone is the woman prepared to fight to the last, with the words: “Now shall you deal with me, O Prince, and all the powers of Hell!” and transforms into a huge dark dragon. And with this squishy mess of a movie, Disney once again hammers home the idea that anything a boy/man does is of such import as to not only change the life path of a girl/woman, it completely changes her personality, too.


61 Skeins

have arrived from Carrie at http://www.crossstitchers.com/, and just in the nick of time! So, no excuse for not working.

Listening: Rodriguez Cold Fact. (Sixto Rodriguez)

To be watched: Big Hero 6, The Judge, and Maleficent.  Click image for larger size.


30 Skeins

So far, 19 days of work has turned 30 skeins (261 yards / 240 m) of thread into knots.  The tree is taking shape nicely.

Currently reading: Bed of Nails, by Antonin Varenne. I’m greatly enjoying all the French authors I have been reading, but I think I have too many French Inspecteurs and Commissaires in my head.

Listening: Meatloaf, Bat out of Hell.

Watched: Sherlock Holmes and The Spider Woman. I adore Basil Rathbone, other peoples’ mileage may vary.