Still Knotty

A bit further on with the Tree quilt. Click image for larger size. Skeins used so far: 41.

Recently read: Wash This Blood Clean From My Hand by Fred Vargas, currently reading This Night’s Foul Work by Fred Vargas. I have joined the ranks of those who worship Violette Retancourt. I wish she was real, and was president of the universe.

Listening: Carl Orff, Trionfi.

Watched: Big Hero 6: much fun, and gorgeous artwork.

The Judge: I shall let DEATH speak for me: “Oh. Drama.”

Maleficent: A crushing disappointment. In Disney’s famous animated Sleeping Beauty, most everyone was fascinated by (and often rooting for) the self-described Mistress of all evil, Maleficent. Maleficent was a strong, confident, powerful, beautiful, mature woman, who embraced utterly her wickedness. She was beyond grand. In the current movie, Disney has managed to completely neuter Maleficent (and Diablo, too), transforming her from an entrancing and complex character into a bland, soppy, one-dimensional cardboard cutout of a girl, a la Aurora. Gone is the woman prepared to fight to the last, with the words: “Now shall you deal with me, O Prince, and all the powers of Hell!” and transforms into a huge dark dragon. And with this squishy mess of a movie, Disney once again hammers home the idea that anything a boy/man does is of such import as to not only change the life path of a girl/woman, it completely changes her personality, too.


61 Skeins

have arrived from Carrie at, and just in the nick of time! So, no excuse for not working.

Listening: Rodriguez Cold Fact. (Sixto Rodriguez)

To be watched: Big Hero 6, The Judge, and Maleficent.  Click image for larger size.


30 Skeins

So far, 19 days of work has turned 30 skeins (261 yards / 240 m) of thread into knots.  The tree is taking shape nicely.

Currently reading: Bed of Nails, by Antonin Varenne. I’m greatly enjoying all the French authors I have been reading, but I think I have too many French Inspecteurs and Commissaires in my head.

Listening: Meatloaf, Bat out of Hell.

Watched: Sherlock Holmes and The Spider Woman. I adore Basil Rathbone, other peoples’ mileage may vary.


All work

makes one a dull person, or so they say. So, along with work, work, work…

Recently read: An Uncertain Place and The Ghost Riders of Ordebec by Fred Vargas.  What can I say about the Adamsberg series except that they are seriously weird and wonderfully entertaining. Or, as Adamsberg might say, “Plog.”  A Dark Redemption and Eleven Days by Stav Sherez are dynamic and compelling reading.

Listening: Geoffrey Oryema, Exile.

Recently watched: Hector and the Search for Happiness. On the sappy and silly side, but that’s okay.

Also, with Rick, took the dogs on a small walkabout, looked at all the beautiful flowers and such (Daisies, Peonies, and Sweetbriar!) Now, back to work!


When the leaves are silent

…work on something else.  I’ve been suffering a serious mental block on the peace quilt, trying this, ripping it out, trying that, ripping it out, lather, rinse repeat. It’s exhausting. So, I’m putting work in on the next quilt in the queue, the tree quilt (how’s that for an original name? I feel like Leonard of Quirm).  The tree is 38″ long by 30″ wide. The bits I have done have used 16 skeins of thread (using all 6 strands). Click images for larger size.





Leaf 19: overcast and split stitch

Overcasting and split stitch, a fairly fast leaf. 9″ x 5.5″