Bunny Wabbit

One of the many baby bunnies on property. 1100 x 731, click for larger size.



3 thoughts on “Bunny Wabbit

  1. Squeeeee!
    WE have a bunch of bunnies here, too, and the little critters have learned that humans are mostly harmless (and deter birds of prey and foxes), so you can watch them up close.
    Of course I never carry the cam when they’Re out…

  2. Chigau, she’s not in the bowl, just next to it. (I had it out to put seeds in, when Rick ran over it with the mower.)

    Giliell, there’s nothing like a bunch of baby bunnies to watch, is there? We have at least two litters at different stages – the bunny in the photo is from the older batch. The latest ones are so *tiny*, and very spooky, they dash back into the thicket if they realize you’re looking.

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