It was not that long ago

that I had to surrender my almost brand new computer for 3.5 weeks to have a fan replaced. I wasn’t pleased. I was less than impressed when a fan started making a death rattle, again.  I told Rick I wasn’t going to have it sent off again, just open it up and see what kind of fan is needed. Again. Well, turns out the only place to get one is from the computer manufacturer, and they were understanding about not wanting to send it off, and are going to send one under warranty, which is nice. They won’t be able to send one for 10 days, however, so it’s still a major wait. In the meantime, I can’t keep my computer running, so I’ll be gone for a bit.



Well, the 4th of July idiots have started the noise terror, and they picked a day with 40 to 60 mph winds. Ever so smart. It terrifies all the animals, pets and wildlife. It doesn’t exactly do much for my PTSD, either.  I loathe fireworks, but what I loathe even more are people who insist on lighting them up before the 4th, and continue to do so for fucking months after.

Note: not my image. I couldn’t track it to provide proper credit. If this is your image and you’d like credit, or wish it removed, please let me know.

Cheap & Lazy

The cheap, lazy way to have a raised bed (in this case, for herbs): 1) buy cheap kiddie pool (ours, Big Lots, $18.00), set up on whatever is taking space in your habitat, fill with dirt and vermiculite (on sale!), mix, plant, drill holes around the side. Done.  Next: set up itsy bitsy teeny weeny greenhouse, bought cheap ($60.00 at Big Lots), which will be used to grow mixed lettuces for the rats.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pool, insta herb garden

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pool, insta herb garden

Erecting the tinker toy, er greenhouse

Erecting the tinker toy, er greenhouse

Getting to work on lettuces planting

Getting to work on lettuces planting

Women Destroy Science Fiction!


The special edition of Lightspeed Magazine is out. Grab a copy, subscribe, celebrate all those fantastic voices in science fiction these days! I grabbed an e-copy from B&N, and I’m off to read.

…As the issue grew, so did the team. Authors, essayists, illustrators, voice actors, interviewers and interviewees, slush readers and copy editors – more women got involved weak after week. All told, this issue is the work of 109 women.

And those are just the direct contributors. That doesn’t count the more than one thousand women who sent us stories, or the nearly three thousand people who backed the Kickstarter, or the countless supporters who blogged on their own sites, posted to social media, or otherwise boosted the signal.

We did this. As one person put it, we took hurt and rage and turned it into something beautiful.

And we did it together.

Christie Yant, Lightspeed Magazine, June 2014

And look, a free book: Some of the Best from 2012 Edition