Back to Work

on the Red & Purple Dragon, there’s much quilting to be done. I may treat myself with a book and quitting early though – I be old, 57 today. :D



I’ve been pretty pissy over the Americana Thread problem, but today, I get to declare victory. It seems Jo-Ann’s has a run of the hand quilting thread made for holidays, which is why it was no where to be found when I was looking last week. Today, there was a beautiful bin full of it at Jo-Ann’s in Bismarck. I stocked up a tad. :D Now I can get back to work on the Purple and Red Dragon.


Rosewood Dragon

While I’m on quilting hold with the Red & Purple Dragon, I’ve gotten a start on the Rosewood Dragon (there were always going to be two, I want to sell these, and dragons are popular).  This one will be rows of split stitch, rather than chain stitch, in varying shades of rosewood.



On the dragon quilt, I went with Americana quilting thread, as it’s 100% glaced cotton, heavyweight with a superior, smooth pull, never causes bearding. I’ve had the stuff for ages, it cost all of .99 cents. Well…you can’t get it anymore, and a lot of people are desperate to get their hands on it. I found one source, where I can get it for $7.50 a spool, complete with Australia to U.S. shipping costs. Godsdamnit. If I can’t find something *very* similar, I’ll have to rip out everything I’ve done, and start all over with another thread, doubtless something I won’t be pleased with. Eff eff effety eff.


Let the quilting begin

A start. A very slow start. I’m rather flattened by a cold at the moment, so not overly productive.


I’ll happily endorse the Quilting Paper from Golden Threads (under notions) – it’s tissue thin, yet very strong. An excellent product, available in a choice of sizes, and for a reasonable price.