Šuŋkawakaŋ Day.

[My] Tomorrow (Saturday, 8th Oct.) will most likely see Affinity closed for the day, I absolutely have to work. I have a beautiful, 200 count, white muslin, 90″ x 108″, arriving soon, which I’ll be painting, then freehand quilting, so it can be quickly done and donated to Standing Rock for winter. I spent time on horse sketching, then pulled out my test fabric, which is most definitely not 200 count, it’s cheap muslin. Even so, I haven’t played with all the various fabric paints I’ve come by, and now’s the time, so that I don’t fuck up that lovely fabric on the way. I didn’t even get the first bloody horse finished today, and I managed to completely forget what hours bent over a table do to my spine. (Insert scream here.) The first horse is roughly 26″ x 14″. I have to finish the first horse, then get eight more done. (I also need to do this, not just for testing various media, I need to work out colours, patterns, all that jazz.) I really hate to disappoint people, and if I can get a few things posted, I will, but don’t worry if I don’t show at all. I’ll definitely be back on Sunday.



© C. Ford.

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