Friday Feathers #37

White-throated Sparrow, white stripe (Zonotrichia albicollis). Click for full size.





4 thoughts on “Friday Feathers #37

  1. Beautiful bird. I was surprised to know that the American Sparrow is not a real sparrow.
    Remember I told you of some local Syrian woodpeckers? They’re back. This time they communicated through their usual drumming during the day, but went back to their unusual chittering when they were settling for the dusk and a third woodpecker (a second male) joined the group. I hope they’ll nest nearby, but I don’t think there are any suitable trees around.

  2. I’m bad at Sparrow identification, and there are so many different ones on property. I’m trying to do better, but I still get it wrong a lot of the time. White-throated and a few other varieties are easier to identify.

    Aw, how nice your woodpeckers are back. A lot of woodpeckers nest in dead wood. They can be pretty imaginative when it comes to nesting. I hope they stay near by!

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