Monday Mercurial #29: D’aaaww

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6 thoughts on “Monday Mercurial #29: D’aaaww

  1. Beautiful photos!
    Today I had the good fortune to see the mating battles of the Syrian woodpecker. Two males were chirping and running up and down on a small tree facing each other, occasionally doing some sort of a militant headbanging, while a female woodpecker was watching it all from a nearby tree.
    It’s not relevant or anything – I just wanted to share.

  2. I had to look them up, what beautiful birds! How exciting to see them going about their rituals. It seems that they drum as a general means of communication. I think the Hairy woodpeckers here do the same thing. Never got to see any mating rituals, though!

  3. Yes, that was why I noticed their mating show – instead of drumming they were making normal (but loud) bird sounds. It was the first time I ever saw anything like that!

  4. So exciting! I’ll have to try and keep an eye out on our Downy woodpeckers. They were out in force yesterday, the weather has been very warm the last couple of days, and bird thoughts are on Spring right now, and that means mating!

  5. Thanks! That’s a common stance of Chickadees. While they are generally lightning fast, they are also on the picky side when it comes to seeds.

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