Work, Work, Work…42!

A nice Adamsy number. I had to switch focus for a while, to stop the ‘squirrel in cage’ thoughts, but getting a bit better. Still feeling very fragile, and although I finally got some sleep, it doesn’t feel like it will ever be enough. Pain levels are staying uber-high too, which isn’t helping. Well, back to work. ETA: one thing that can help – books. I haven’t had anything new for a while, and I’m very much looking forward to Keigo Higashino’s A Midsummer’s Equation (starting that one tonight). No one can write such searing anguish like Higashino. His characters are all interesting, remarkable people, even those painted as the villains of the piece. After that will be Rachel Caine’s Ink and Bone. I already know that’s a book I’ll adore, I love books about books, libraries, and people who read books. I’m losing count of how often I’ve read Jim C. Hines’s Magic ex Libris series.



3 thoughts on “Work, Work, Work…42!

  1. Thanks, A. Getting there. Stayed up too late reading A Midsummer’s Equation, but it was good. I wish I could read a Higashino every week. This one dealt with the cost of keeping secrets, and as always, leaves a wake of intensity with it.

    Got a quick start on Ink and Bone, and I can tell I’ll love the series. Unlike most in the genre, this isn’t set in Victorian London, but London 2025. I like having an alternate reality set a bit ahead for a change, and the concept of the Alexandrian Library surviving and librarians ruling the world is mighty interestin’.

  2. Oh, forgot – the second book in the Great Library series will be out in July, so I’m glad I won’t have to wait too long.

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