Death of a Washing Machine

Oh, how I loathe the smell of burnt plastic in the morning. Or any other time. One washing machine, loaded with rat and paint cloths, full up, groaned, and with a burst of stench, died. I just love hand washing. Yep, sure I do. Fuck.



6 thoughts on “Death of a Washing Machine

  1. :(

    Is it dead-dead? Or would a part ordered on-line and installed following a manual reanimate it?

    We managed to get damn-near 25 years out of a Kenmore washer (bought when, back-in-the-day, a guy in the on-coming lane swerved into and side-scraped our van, in his efforts to avoid hitting a covey of quail) by do-it-yourselfing it; I think Sears sent us copies of the repair manual for a trivially-small price. The Husband found that a local place that provided parts for Sears’ repair center was quite willing to sell him the parts as well.

    (I like the FUCK FUCK FUCK tagging. :) )

  2. Oh, no, it’s dead. Most seriously so. It’s been shaking and wheezing its way toward death for quite some time. It might have been nice if it died before I filled it with water and cloth. I wouldn’t try for a resurrection anyway, it’s a little Crossley, and it’s worked valiantly for 20 years or so, time to let it go.

    The tagging? Sometimes, there’s nothing else to say.

  3. Yeah, I’m with you. My jeans aren’t going to be washed for a bit. Thanks, I’m sure we’ll find something, sooner or later.

  4. My Mom got 30+ years out of her old Maytag washer and matching dryer.

    Good luck finding a new washer, C.

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