Oh, it’s that day.

I’ve never had much use for Valentine’s Day, a day made up for commercial purposes,* but now so many people feel they would rather face death than ignore it, and end up at the sharp end of someone’s wrath and disappointment. Rick and I will see our 37th anniversary (been together longer than that!) in a few weeks, and I don’t recall that we ever gave a toss about V day. Probably too busy fighting half the time, back in the day. (You can insert a smart-ass grin here). Not only do I find the manufactured sappy sweetness distasteful, it’s not mindful of others. I’m beyond lucky, ending up with my best friend in the world, and that he decided to stick with me through…so much. A lot of people don’t have someone. A lot of people have lost someone. A lot of people aren’t allowed to be with the one they love. A lot of people aren’t allowed to marry the one they love. I think V Day would rock if it were reclaimed by all the Social Justice Warriors out there, a day to somehow make life a little better for everyone, to spread love around a bit, rather than pretend it resides in a bunch of roses, a box of chocolates, and a silly card. If you are happily partnered, you should be letting that / those partner[s] know, every day, in a thousand ways, of your like, your love, and your commitment. You don’t need a fucking day to do that, and if you do, something ain’t right.

Today, think about being active. Think about helping others. After you’ve thought, do. Then it will be a good day for everyone. We’re all going to end up as piles of bones somewhere, don’t wake up to thoughtfulness and the meaning of love too late, and don’t let some idiotic commercial manufacturing of “love day” define what love is, to you, and others. Have a nice Sunday, everyone.

*Yes, I know the history. It isn’t about a bloody Saint’s Day anymore.


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