The Odd Bits

I took the monster dogs out for a brief photo walk yesterday (brief because it was blindingly cold), and eventually we wandered over to the schoolyard, as usual. I’ve seen every inch of the school grounds, hundreds of times, at least. I never actively noticed this door handle though. I like it, it has an avian grace, it invites you to take hold, to open the door. It was a reminder of the constant quest for beauty, even in the humblest utility, that we humans share. Creativity is all around, we just have to have the eyes to see. I imagine most people have favoured odd bits, I wish I could see them all. I love looking at things guided by other eyes.



2 thoughts on “The Odd Bits

  1. To me, it looks more aquatic. A tadpole, maybe, or some kind of fish seen from overhead.

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