Reason 2,876,365

to have scrap leather in the house – making custom fit fingertip guards that actually fit, and don’t impede feel.  I have a habit of using my right ring finger to push a needle up, and this results in me punching a hole in the side of my fingertip, which isn’t fun. A bit of leather, a drop of fabric glue, and no more holes in fingers. (I can’t stand wearing thimbles of any kind, no idea why.)



6 thoughts on “Reason 2,876,365

  1. Good use of materials at hand.

    My Mom was always a master of that particular craft. These days, though, I’m not sure she remembers how clever she was. Still she’s doing good for someone who has made it to 90.

  2. Eeee, you mum is 90? That’s great! It’s easy enough to utilize materials when you have too much of them – the hard part is not letting the clutter take over your life.

  3. I suppose you could always make a thimble out of leather scraps, too. Those things never fit me, I have skinny fingers, and all the guards and thimbles I’ve tried fall off. Then there’s just the weirdness of wearing thimbles, they give me a sense of claustrophobia, or something.

  4. Thimbles are a non-starter for me, too; if I can’t feel what I’m doing, I can’t do it. I’ve got a little scrap of rubber that I use as a buffer when trying to poke a needle through something that’s troublesomely thick.

  5. Yep, that’s me. I can’t handle wearing things like kitchen gloves, either. Rick wears them, but I can’t stand the things.

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