Dragonscale Cuff

Rick made me this beautiful dragonscale bracelet years ago, but the clasp was always problematic. Dragonscale is heavy, so a really simple clasp was out, and the one we eventually went with required assistance to get in and out of, so not ideal. For once, I had a bright idea. When we were at Joanne’s last week, I bought some 16 gauge wire, and asked Rick if he could use it to cuff the dragonscale. As always, he did it (even though there was some serious cussin’ coming from his office), and I now have a fabulous dragonscale cuff, which goes on and comes off with ease.




9 thoughts on “Dragonscale Cuff

  1. Oh, I’m crazy about that bracelet, and I *love* dragonscale. You should see the dragonscale choker Rick’s going to make for me – in purple, black, and silver. I’d clothe myself in dragonscale, if it were remotely practical.

  2. “I’d clothe myself in dragonscale, if it were remotely practical.”

    This reminds me of Tina Turner’s costume in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.” They didn’t tell her that her costume would be 50 pounds of chainmail. :D

  3. :Snort: Yeah, I wouldn’t be able to move in a dragonscale costume. There’s a lot of much lighter weight chainmail which can be done for various clothing items, but dragonscale is particularly dense, with a depth of interwoven rings. Be right pretty, though!

  4. I know they used sawed up silver garden hoses for Lord of the Rings to make the chainmail

  5. Giliell, I had no idea. That was practical, though – a lot of movie maille is done in rubber or plastic, or knitted, it’s just easier all around. I did have to look up silver garden hoses though, it seems that’s not a U.S. thing.

  6. I don’t know if they had them specifically made or painted them themselves. It was one of the anecdotes on one of the extended DVDs…

  7. Ohhhh, I have a glimmer of a vague memory now. We have the extended everythings on those flicks, but it’s been a long time since I listened / watched the fucktonne of extras, and I only did that once.

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