Monday Mercurial #21: Oh, nuts!

We’ve been adopted by a very large Scream of Bluejays, at least 24 that I’ve counted. So, there are going to be lots of Cyanocitta cristata photos.  Click for full size.





2 thoughts on “Monday Mercurial #21: Oh, nuts!

  1. “Scream” is the perfect collective noun for jays. I’ve got a small scream of Scrub Jays– usually just three, but on a couple of occasions seven have showed– that visit my yard and patiently wait for peanuts every morning.

  2. Oh, they are pretty! (Had to look them up). Peanuts, yes, I’m back to doing peanuts for them, too, and oh, how they love them! When I put peanuts out, half of the Jays don’t bother to fly them back to their stash, but just jump up into one of the pine trees, and start hammering. Out of all the times I’ve seen them doing that, I’ve only gotten clear shots one time of a Jay performing a peanut extraction. :D

    I think you can pretty much assure a Scream of sticking around if there are nuts to be had.

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