Thank you Kennys!

A while back, I read the debut book of Donato Carrisi, The Whisperer, and it was quite good. Given the way it ended, I ran with the assumption that there would be another book featuring Mila Vasquez. So, looking forward to another book, I went a looking, and nope, no follow up. The only other book by Carrisi done by U.S. publishers was The Lost Girls of Rome, completely different cast of characters, different theme. I knew something wasn’t right, so I continued to search, and found that there was indeed a second book to The Whisperer, The Vanished Ones, and yes, it had been translated into English, but (no surprise here), not available in the U.S. Off to Abe Books, where I found that there’s a second book to The Lost Girls of Rome, too. Anyroad, ordered The Vanished Ones from Kennys in Ireland, which arrived today. I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with U.S. publishers, but as they don’t seem to want to get their shit together when it comes to books written outside the States, screw ’em, I’ll circumvent them from now on. It’s their loss, literally.



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