I suppose it had to happen…



6 thoughts on “I suppose it had to happen…

  1. I got about an inch and a quarter here in Dickinson, but it mostly melted off the roads by the time I left work. Late start to Winter? I’ll gladly take it.

  2. There’s no snow here yet.

    We might get some wet snow here in the next few hours (6 – 9 am EET). I’d be happy to have some white stuff on the ground here because it would mitigate the damn darkness (we have less than six hours of daylight now here at 60° north). If I didn’t have Nordic urban privilege, my opinion might be different.

    OTOH, it’s possible that there will be a big lake/bay effect snowstorm (not so fun…) here at some point if cold winds were to blow from east because the Gulf of Finland is exceptionally warm (i.e. not even close to freezing) for this time of year.

  3. Cicely, I’m with you! That said, it is warmer when it snows, so when it isn’t snowing, it’s *gasp* ohgodsitisfreezingouthere.

    Ice Swimmer, oh the dark. One of the worst things about winter. We have about 8 hours of daylight, which isn’t enough, I’d be going a bit crazy with less than six hours. I hope you don’t get the snowstorm, having mass amounts of snow dropping all at once is not fun. I’m pretty sure slippery roads are universally hated.

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