A while back, I asked Rick to make me a ring from one of my needles, and he did. It’s so very nice to have a partner who doesn’t blink when asked to make jewelry. Thanks, Love.



6 thoughts on “Beneedled

  1. I’m beyond lucky, I know. I asked him if he could do this, and as usual, at first, he wasn’t sure, but experimented a bit, figured it out, and I have my ring. He made one for himself, too, and it’s the only ring he’s worn consistently, ever. :D

  2. Unfortunately, all the crafty talent in this family is with me. You can ask Mr to drill a hole somewhere, bit you better check on him with that as well.

  3. Heh. Well, not everyone is gifted that way. Rick’s been working with such a diversity of machines for decades, and expected to be able to fix anything at any time, he generally doesn’t think twice over that kind of thing. Jewelry is easy for him, because he just figures out what to do and does it. Under all that, he’s a genuinely creative person, but he just won’t give himself much of a chance in that vein. I can’t push him, because he’ll dig his heels in, build mental citadels and refuse to ever consider doing that particular thing. When he does indulge in doing something artistic, he needs 10 fucktonnes of praise, and gods forbid any constructive criticism might be required – that’s dancing on pins on top of eggshells. I wish he had at least the confidence to try things more, but it seems he’s so scared of having a not-so-great first effort, it’s better not to try at all, which is bloody idiotic, but well, you know. So, much like you, I get landed with all the creative stuff.

  4. Thank you. :) We both wear needle rings now, I think that’s the closest we’ve ever come to wedding rings. :D

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