Painting today…

but I’ll take a moment to show off my early birthday (7 days to 58) giftie from Rick, a Jaxon Pachuco C-Crown Fedora, in red, natch. Okay, off to play this day, then I must get back to work.  I really, really need to take time off to paint those effing walls. Spring! I’ll do it in Spring. Really.



11 thoughts on “Painting today…

  1. “When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple, with a red hat which doesn’t go and doesn’t suit me. ”

    Though the hat suits you very well, of course!

  2. Thank you! I am in full old woman mode, though – I don’t care one bit whether it suits me or not. :D I’ve wanted that hat for a long time, and for once, Rick surprised the hell out of me, and that was one nice surprise.

  3. Red, black and violet are my favourite colours to wear (though I tend to have more black and darker reds) because they look powerful. Various shades of brown and pink are nice as skin, wood or food colours but they don’t “cut it” in textiles for me.

    That ensemble looks great, unapologetic and ageless.

  4. I’ve wanted a RedHat since I started running RedHat 5 in ’98 (that Logo is still awesome). I finally managed to get you one. Happy birthday!
    I’m still running Fedora (Why did they go blue?), and have looked at blue fedoras, but they just don’t turn my crank.

  5. Well, we’ll have to get you one, too. I’ve seen standard fedoras in red, and no, the blue ones don’t do anything for me, either. 5 days until birthday now, but thank you!

  6. I did have a blue denim Australian Outback hat I wore a lot in High School and after. That one I liked. Sewn crown, snaps on both sides to snap the brim to the crown, either side, which I liked,(or both, which I didn’t like). I haven’t seen anything like it in a long time. Late 60’s SoCal Surf Shop is hard to replicate!

  7. I did show this to my roomies, and bragged a bit about getting it for you. They thought you look pretty cool!

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