A lone pistachio muffin in the kitchen had attained a rock-like hardness, so I split it in half and out on the front deck it went. A young squirrel grabbed half, and was attempting the standard insane gymnastics, and dropped it. It was picked up not long after by another squirrel (who looks pregnant, oh joy, more squirrels), who was greedily eating in one of the front pine trees. Click for full size.




7 thoughts on “Muffin!

  1. Not in moderation, no. When we first moved here, no squirrels. Then we had one squirrel for about a year. Then he found a gal he liked, and well, we are now about drowning in squirrels, who love our place, because of all the food put out for the birds. They have a good life here, but there’s just a bloody fucktonne of them, eating all the bird food.

  2. If they are eating your house, then, yes.
    Nothing keeps the little blighters out of our attic.

  3. Caine, cicely, thank you for your responses. I’ve never lived near squirrels and it’s unlikely that I ever will. I’ve only encountered them in parks and such, where they’ve been extremely friendly (sometimes too friendly, but still fun), so I didn’t know what it’s like to be living with them around.

  4. Also, I’ve only seen this half-ginger type of squirrel in Caine’s photos. The ones I’ve met were more uniformly brownish.

  5. Alexander, I find that the squirrels become cuter, the farther they are from my attic!

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