With a groan and a grumble

I’m back to cleaning and putting my studio back together, now that the rat situation is under control. Oh, I am so tired of doing this. So, so tired. And I have another stack of books to find room for somewhere. Oh well, I have the Frankenstein Complete Legacy Collection to play while I am back at square two, and Mad Max: Fury Road! I’m saving that last though, because I expect I wouldn’t get much done while it was playing. One of these days, I’ll get back to work work. Oh, in the recently read category – The Circle, Bernard Minier’s second novel, following The Frozen Dead, which was a fantastic read, and The Circle did not disappoint, rife with tension and a deeper emotion on the part of several characters, in particular, Martin Servaz. I do wish that U.S. publishers would get off their collective arses when it comes to translation though – the rest of the world was reading these books several years ago. A sweet and sassy Samhain to all!




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