Work? What’s that?

New rats have necessitated a re-ordering of my studio, so no work getting done lately. I should be finished today though, so back to knots and stuff soon. I like music when I have to clean, shove things about, and organize. Generally, I like metal when doing such things. Unfortunately, it seems Rats and Rammstein don’t mix. I’m going to have to move da television box out to the front rooms when the In Amerika blu-ray arrives. Is it even possible to listen to Rammstein at low volume? I don’t think so.



4 thoughts on “Work? What’s that?

  1. Well, I’m working for both of us. The little one’s brithday dress is, of course, much more work than I’d planned (but she sure got taste!)
    Hmmm, blutooth headphones?

  2. Oooh, birthday dress! I’ll bet she wants it to be everything. I imagine it’s a lot of work, I couldn’t even begin to put a dress together, let alone make one awesome enough for a birthday.

    Bluetooth! That’s an idea. I’ll have to look into those.

  3. Oh I’m totally cheating on the dress. I don’t have time to make one from scratch so I bought a shirt, cut the lower 6″ or so off and am attaching a skirt. Right now I want to steal the skirt. And I even could. But I won’t. You’ll see when I’m done with it. I know, I know, humility and all, but it’s a drop dead gorgeous combination.

  4. Oh, I believe you when you say it’s drop dead gorgeous! I’ve seen your work. Perhaps that’s cheating, but it would still be utterly beyond me.

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