Needling on

Things are getting back to normal now, although Sappho & Leto provide many an excuse for being distracted from work. Total hours so far: 507. Skeins used so far: 98.

Recently read: Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke, and a fun read it was, too. I have a weakness for books which have interesting rat characters, who are not automatically villainous. Rosa, Gilbert, and Lola Graytail were very enjoyable characters. (And yes, I am a 57 year old who will happily read sprog books. I’ll read just about anything.) Currently reading: Six of Crows, by Leigh Bardugo.

Recently watched: The Green Hornet Serial (1940). Great fun, especially the ones with Warren Hull as Reid/Hornet. I think he was much better in the role than Gordon Jones.

Batman and Robin Serial (1949), absolutely silly, but much fun. The Bat Car was an ordinary Mercury, a convertible in which Batman got into costume, a lot, in the back seat as the top was being put up by Robin. :D Now, I like Mercs, but it wasn’t anything special. They really should have gone with a ’48/’49 Cadillac Series Sixty Two convertible for the Bat Car, with that gorgeous, bat like rear end. That would have been stylin’, and a proper millionaire superhero car.

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Not quite as good as the first movie, but quite enjoyable, full of da warm fuzzies.

Listening: Masters of Chant | Chapter VII, Gregorian. Internal Flight, Estas Tonne. Bad Blood, Bastille. Pearl Days, Elisa. Furious Five, Guglielmo Re. Tales of Mystery and Imagination, The Alan Parsons Project.



2 thoughts on “Needling on

  1. This was a great week end, I forgot to bookmark Guglielmo Re, so I’ll do that shortly. Thanks for the recap.
    I really like the vintage thread finally being absorbed by the modern existent thread. I’ll always know where it’s at.

  2. Well, you’ll at least know where some of the vintage thread is! I had a good time, too. See you Sunday, have a care – weather has gone dicey here. ♥

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