Experimental Moss

I haven’t been able to get much work done due to pain levels, along with an inability to sit for very long. (Spinal shot on Monday, so hopefully I’ll be back to regular work soon). I had been thinking about moss, though, so I decided to experiment a bit, using silk for the moss. I love working with silk, wish I could afford to do large projects with it. Click for full size.



6 thoughts on “Experimental Moss

  1. Thank you! I think it looks alright…this is just like the green work I did on Micrathena – I hate it as I’m doing it, but I know I have to wait until it’s done before I get all judgmental, so this is one of those areas I rely more on what other people think. I’m sure I’ll like it later.

  2. Looks even better here on my at-home computer.
    Bigger screen, doncherknow.

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