6 thoughts on “Monday Mercurial #5

  1. Clutching that broken branch upside down! Wish I was that free of gravitational forces. Stunning.

  2. I don’t know how widespread the problem may be, but when I click into your site, the whole thing is blacked out—no words, no pics, no joy. I got here (the comments section) by a series of random clicks on the page/s.

  3. Well, fuck. What browser are you using? I recently changed themes, so that has to be the problem – or it may be No Script, if you’re running it. Let me know, and if nothing works, I’ll change the theme back.

  4. It’s Firefox…and seems to have cleared up.
    Maybe it was just wanting attention. :)

  5. I changed the theme back last night. I prefer the one that was invisible to you, but even I had problems with it when the wireless went slow, so change it was.

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