7 thoughts on “Mauvaise douleur

  1. My guess is it is a graphic image of what a nerve in pain feels like it looks like, if it was sentient by itself, not just a cell being tortured by having to send the same message again, and again,again, and againagain, and againagain, and againagain, and again.

  2. Cicely, it’s close to Rick’s explanation. It actually started with the circle of againagainagainagainagainagain, it’s (I’m) a cage of pain that is continually under assault. The foundation of the piece is this photo.

    Rick, pretty much. Been a rough few days.

  3. *careful hugs* and much sympathy.

    What it said to me was something along the lines of, “order/symmetry broken on impact with something…oily“. Obviously I missed it by a mile or so….

  4. Cicely, I don’t think you missed much at all, pain could easily be interpreted that way. Reaction to pain is so personal, and I think every one who deals with it has their own go-to images.

  5. Now I see the chain link fence. Never would have figured that out. BTW, that is an astounding picture of chain link. Only your eye would catch it!

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