6 thoughts on “Hollyhock

  1. Oh, so do I. Bees love hollyhocks, not only are they rich in pollen, but they are good shelters in a storm, and comfy to sleep in – I’ve seen bees do both of those things more than once. (Moths and butterflies love them too). Hopefully, next Spring will be a good one for planting, because I want a fucktonne of hollyhocks growing, in all the colours! Several years ago, a complete idiot was hired to mow the school grounds (the school had been closed for a while), and she ripped out every single one of the wild hollyhocks, many of which had been there for years on end. It used to be a serious support for bees, but apparently, smack in the middle of farm country, there was this idiot removing that support.

  2. I’m pretty sure that without the label, I’d’ve misidentified the hollyhocks as “some kind of ‘biscus”.

    That is a nice close-up on the bee’s butt—a good pic to use as an illustration under “Pollinators”.

  3. Well, hollyhock and hibiscus are both in the mallow family, so it’s an easy one to mistake. I love getting shots of pollen covered bees!

  4. Good to see a bee, buried in pollen. We need to plant Hollyhock in our yard.

  5. Yes, need to get an early start next year. I do want the Night Watch hollyhocks, they are almost black.

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