Oh, I needed that…

I found this lovely heavy cotton tablecloth for a couple dollars, 60″ x 60″.  I have had my way with it. When it’s dry, I’m gonna quilt it, for a personal winter lap quilt. I still feel like throwing more paint around. I need to do this much more often, oh my yes. I actually started messing about a bit last night, couldn’t sleep until I tossed a bit of ink about. Images 1100 x, click for larger (clicks will open in their own tab, full size.)










6 thoughts on “Oh, I needed that…

  1. I’ve seen a number of things in it, but no Jesus. It would seem I’m a hopeless case, gods-pareidolia wise.

  2. I assume the third pic is paint, but it looks like you sacrificed some alien creatures and used their intestines

  3. Hee. It’s paint and string gel, prior to mixing. I’ll consider it symbolic sacrificial guts. Yeah.

  4. Thank you, Anne! Oh yes, I needed it, more than I realized. Sometimes, I just hafta bathe in paint, so to speak.

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