Friday Feathers #3

Brown Thrasher (Toxostoma rufum) and Baby Mourning Dove  (Zenaida macroura) this day. The young Brown Thrasher is the same one who featured in the first Monday Mercurial, a barely out of the nest babe.  Not quite so shy now, and pretty serious about suet. Next is one of the baby Mourning Doves who have recently begun to discover the world – in this case, convenient spots to drink and bathe.  Some of the shots are on the ghosted side, I apologize for that. The flies have been so bad, I had to put a screen up on the studio window, and unfortunately, the birds won’t just hang about, waiting for me to get everything right, so I shot through the screen. 1100 x 731, click for larger sizes.










6 thoughts on “Friday Feathers #3

  1. Thanks! You take your chances, shooting through a screen, fingers crossed that they aren’t all dreadful fuck ups.

  2. That Thrasher is looking pretty comfortable there. The close-up of the head is really good.
    The young Dove can hear the shutter noise, and reacts to it. Number 2, twisted neck picture is priceless.

  3. Both the Thrashers are pretty comfy, hanging in the general area of the Lilac tree. Oh, that baby dove! Yes, they pay attention to the shutter, and I love that particular shot! She was so cute, trying to figure out how to bathe.

  4. Aw, those are nice. That 7th shot is crying out to be memed, though. :)

  5. Thank you. :D Oh, I so agree on that 7th shot! I’m terrible with that stuff, though, so if you like, feel free.

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