I’m rather gobsmacked over actually getting a photo of Pearl. She’s been the last rat standing for quite some time now, and she’s 3 years and 2 months old. She’s still as antisocial as ever, although she doesn’t do the automatic Run Away! when she sees me anymore. It’s a bit more of an old lady Aaw fuck, now I have to move, :groan:. She has had enough energy to cross the desk to take tasty bites out of the card reader cord. Some things never change.


4 thoughts on “Pearl

  1. Awww. As antisocial as ever, sure, but also as beautiful and cute as ever. This photo makes me want to pet her, but I’m sure she wouldn’t be interested in such a thing anyway…

  2. Yes, she is as cute as ever. I want to pet her every time I see her, but if I do, she disappears into her little Crayola mailbox, and won’t surface for days if I’m in the studio. She’s cute, she’s old, and she’s still bossy as could be.

  3. She is looking good! Ears and hands as white as snow. Always has been very shy. Wonderful to see her.

  4. She wasn’t pleased by my taking her photo while she was trying to eat, she’s avoiding me like the plague now.

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