I am far from done, and sleeping so late today isn’t helping, but there has been progress, so a tiny yay there. The uber cheap cutting table is up and running, using half a closet door for the table top, and cube storage shelves for the pedestal base. A new design wall is behind it, with various things which need finishing on, there to yell at me and provide guilt, ya know. A second pin board is up, since the first one is full. The computing station is done, and the embroidery frame corner. My art supplies are all neatly arranged, using one of the old rat condos*, and of course, the closet alcove (which provided that table top, too!).  And yes, there is a very torn up, ratty old recliner in the studio, because it’s huge, comfortable, and good to embroider in, ’cause pieces can be spread out. I’m very fond of that awful piece of furniture. I did think about painting the horrible walls, but in the interest of laziness, decided to go with “cover them up as much as possible” instead. *No, I haven’t given up on rats, although losing the crew so close together in time is a deep heartbreak, but Pearl is still alive, at 3 years and 2 months, and she would not welcome new rats, so it’s just her for now.








6 thoughts on “Progress!

  1. I expect I’ll be chained to this place for a long time yet. I will try to give Pearl a skritch. She tends to run off if she realizes I’ve seen her, but I manage to give her a pet now and then, much to her everlasting disdain.

  2. Thank you, Anne! I’m trying to finish today, so I can yell DONE! I will definitely give Pearl your regards, as an offering, because she’s going to be very upset with me shortly – it’s time to clean up her condo and table space. She’s not keen on that sort of thing.

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