Beloved Jeans

Oh, my favourite paint jeans. They’ve always been a bit big, but these days, I can’t keep them on for love or money, they just fall off. So…

Now I have a lovely hanging organizer for everything I need, working on the tree quilt. I had a couple of old bags of curtain hooks which I finally managed to unearth, which I used for all the thread I’m currently using (when the curtain hooks ran out, I went to the ever ubiquitous xmas ornament hooks), and scissors. My embroidery stiletto hangs from the button, and the pockets hold fabric glue, magnet with needles, a fabric clip, tweezers, toothbrush, mini spray bottle,  water-soluble marker, Fons & Porter fabric pencil, and nail file. Pins are stuck about, ready to grab and use, and the ever trusty pincushion under the thread. If I ever get my studio successfully reorganized, this will be great! Click image for larger size.


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