Friday Feathers #1

I know it isn’t Friday quite yet, but my wireless unit is brokt and unable to take a charge, so it’s likely I won’t be back on line until Tuesday, the 18th. Anyroad, here are Goldfinches (Spinus tristis), happily extracting and eating wild catmint seeds, which appear to be quite sticky. :D Photos are 1100 x 731, click for larger size. I’ll see you all next week.





2 thoughts on “Friday Feathers #1

  1. Rick – the port in the unit broke loose and sank down, no way to charge at all. Everything is alright, I’m serious busy anyway, phone is still on. Love you. C xx

  2. Then for sure we’re getting a new unit next week.
    Finches are just gorgeous on those Catmints. Sticky is all the volatile oils that the cats get high on. Wonder if the Finches do, too?
    I never dreamed that they ate those! Learn something new every day, that’s what keeps me young.

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