I had to go to town today, so naturally I made for Goodwill first thing. I came upon a large, taped up plastic bag, stuffed with Aunt Martha’s for $4.00 – Sold! I grew up with Aunt Martha’s, and I’m quite sentimental about these often silly transfers. Once home, I was able to get into the bag, and found further treasure – two Walker’s and two Vogarts, woohoo! Then, further treasure, tucked in the middle. First, an Alice Brooks pattern, 20″ x 15″, with complete instructions, and never used. Also tucked in the middle, a gorgeous peacock, also 20″ x 15″, and it looks like another Alice Brooks. Click images for larger size.






4 thoughts on “Score!

  1. Thank you! Yes, one day, I’ll have to stitch the deer and peacock. I looked all over the net last night, but while I found lots of Alice Brooks transfers, I couldn’t find these.

  2. Oops, I seem to have commented under the wrong picture. At risk of being annoying, I’ll repost it here, where it makes sense. Sorry!

    I reached this post via wandering around FtB, where your tree quilt caught my eye, so I explored back towards earlier posts. What a labor of love that is! I’ve done only small needlework projects years back, enough to realize that Embroidery R Not Me, but I admire your work immensely.

    The pattern of the deer in the wood rang an immediate bell! my grandmother embroidered this piece as a birthday present sometime around 1950, when I was a young girl, and it hung on my bedroom wall for years. It’s been tucked in a box of special memories since then; I unearthed it just now to enjoy it afresh, and thank you for reviving the memory.

    Appropriately enough, I’ve been organizing a batch of my mother’s genealogical material, and had just been looking at photos and clippings of Gran, and browsing on the computer was a break from sorting through the boxes and envelopes of papers. One o’ those cosmic coincidences…?

  3. Oh, you actually have that deer! Wow. That is amazing. I’m so glad that’s a special memory for you, and you’re able to enjoy that once again. That deer is a tremendous amount of work, it would take quite a long time to finish.

    I have my pattern very carefully stored. One of these days… :D Thanks for sharing such a special moment with me.

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