When the leaves are silent

…work on something else.  I’ve been suffering a serious mental block on the peace quilt, trying this, ripping it out, trying that, ripping it out, lather, rinse repeat. It’s exhausting. So, I’m putting work in on the next quilt in the queue, the tree quilt (how’s that for an original name? I feel like Leonard of Quirm).  The tree is 38″ long by 30″ wide. The bits I have done have used 16 skeins of thread (using all 6 strands). Click images for full size.






6 thoughts on “When the leaves are silent

  1. Candlewick knots, I prefer them to French knots. I might do French knots for the canopy, though. Thank you! I’m having fun with it, but does it ever burn through the thread.

  2. its not a technique that fascintaes me, but ti’s pretty easy – they get kids to do it at my local museum (the north east has a very long tradition) you just get hessian under tension and pull strips through it with a hook

  3. Ah. I can see where the design aspect would be fun. One of my great-grandmothers made a fair number of rag rugs, but I have no idea of what method she used.

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