Two Bunny Wabbits

Baby & Adult rabbits. 1100 x 731, click for larger size.







10 thoughts on “Two Bunny Wabbits

  1. Théhaŋ waŋčhíŋyaŋke šni! I, Desert Son, seem to live some portion of my existence at glacial pace, arriving with greetings and heartfelt support too, too slowly.

    I hope this finds you and yours well, free from (or at least not often plagued by) back pain and delighting in photography, needlecraft, great books, and delicious moments of humor, ever witty, occasionally wicked. I stopped by Rattitude, then here. I grieve with you upon reading about Havelock and Amelia.

    Still trying to finish my doctorate, struggling through summer (insert goggle-eyed graduate school cost reaction here. Some people buy a house. I bought a chance at an advanced degree), hope to defend in early September. So very tired. The journey of scholarship is a most-worthy one, but my heart has broken, and now I just wish to finish the degree and then move to something new. Perhaps I am too flighty. I do find myself uplifted when I write creative fiction, however, and, anyway, I am eager to leave Texas and try to return to Chicago.

    I saw the note at Rattitude about departing a certain cephalopodically-affiliated forum. It has been more than a year since I was there, as well. I do partake of the Internet on occasion to keep up with topics that interest me, and which I feel are important, but I find myself having to manage my time against digital toxicity more carefully. The ‘tubes are a wondrous medium, to be sure, with amazing knowledge, but the asshole quotient all-too-readily reaches critical mass, and all-too-gleefully, which merely exponentiates the malignancy.

    I came simply to say hello and send words of solidarity. Over a year ago I wrote a post at one of the FTBs (can’t remember which) in reply to someone who had mentioned “strengthening women” in light of rape culture and misogyny. I wrote how it was the culture we have to change, and that I’ve never, ever met a single woman who wasn’t strong. Not one. And I thought of you among that number. I wanted to tell you how grateful I am for your words and deeds reflecting intellect, insight, perspective, passion, complexity, creativity, courage, humor, presence, compassion, support, time, effort, patience, and power. You once called me younger brother, and it is my profound honor to return a greeting in kind (that I hope not to mangle too greatly), t’anké!

    We’re drying out from the flooding and tornadoes down here, though the summer likely has more in store. I hope you are well, and find yourself each day delightfully surprised by something beautiful.

    *stands with*

    I remain, as ever,

    Still learning,


  2. Hallo Robert, misukala ki.

    You sound as though you’re a bit burnt on the scholarship path. I hope you get to feeling more energetic and happy as you get closer to finishing. Perhaps simply leaving Texas will help! :D I don’t know about flighty…I expect you’re a bit like me, and become bored much too easily. Life can be difficult when you have one of those brains with high standards.

    Ah, Pharyngula. I’m still there, now and again, but not to the same degree I once was; I’ve found I don’t much have the requisite energy to engage, especially with those who are of a malign nature. Winter has receded, and I find myself more interested in flowers, trees, wildlife, and work.

    Flooding and tornadoes! Aaaagh, that sounds awful. And terrifying. Perhaps not as terrifying as the dreaded Spring cleaning, which I am starting today.

    As always, it is wonderful to hear from you, misukala ki, please stay in touch and let me know how you are, and remember, I am always here if you need a convenient ear and a restful shoulder.

    *stands with, always*


  3. First. Baby bunnies (always cute)
    Second, I’m sorry about Havelock and not paying attention. I had my own share of problems, rat and human.
    Third, I’m ratless and away from the Old Country (would you believe? More on that at point #5)
    Fourth, hugs. Also to chigau.
    Fifth, you’ve got a Mongol (if old-school racists are to be believed) on the American Northwest coast, currently.

    Lastly! I missed you, Caine. It seems like its the season for loss and reconnecting for many of us. Memories, pain and discovery.

  4. Oh, Teejaykay, that’s okay! I can’t even go back to Rattitude, the fucking heartbreak is just too much. I’ll be deleting the whole blog one of these days. Wow, that’s a big move – what brought that about?

    I’ve missed you too, and I’m sorry you’re currently ratless, that never helps. Pearl is still alive, the last one standing out of the ratlet crew, and has been for some time. Out of all the rats, she’s the least social (rat or human), go figure. At least in her old age, she doesn’t squeak her head off if I get near her anymore.

  5. Please let me know if you’re deleting Rattitude — having recently (within the past six months) made a friend out of an person who has come out of their shell because she thought nobody had anything in common with her, it’s maybe a good reminder. This person, for example, had missed rats and realized they were missing a big chunk of their life without rats. It broke the ice and gave them courage (and what a lovely, interesting mind and friend to many of my friends they turned out to be).

    And Pearl… well, that’s… going to be ow, ow, ow on so many levels. The last rat standing, like Ishi (suspectedly the last Native American in the North Merikaz to come into contact with Western civilization, as I recall). Not a good place for her nor you. My rats — I had to leave them behind, along with the currently temporary move that will turn permanent if all goes well. I suppose it says something when the first month here in the Pacific Northwest went with me still watching where I was walking and placing my feet or checking to see if there was a rat under a pillow, yes?

    As for the whys, well. I’ll be bluntly Finnish with you. I wasn’t happy, and was feeling like a cornered rat — you know what that’s like. Eventually, they give up or get caught and resign to their fate. My relationship was turning… rather abusive, and I was just digging a hole for myself. Short version: I was unhappy and more likely to hurt myself than anyone else, which thankfully in my logic also mostly stopped me from hurting anyone else by offing myself.

    It really is a long, convoluted story, but at least I feel happier now. Not without regret, but I doubt I could have kept on without moving on rapidly and drastically.

    Sort of odd to find love and friends who take you for who you are and appreciate you on the other side of the Atlantic, though.

  6. I do know what it’s like to feel like a cornered rat, not a good place. It can be hard to realize that a relationship has become abusive, I’m so glad that you did, and that you were able to do something about it, and sometimes, a big, complete change is just the ticket.

    What a wrench to leave rats behind. That’s seriously tough. I haven’t come to any firm decision about Rattitude, and most likely won’t until Pearl is gone, but I’ll be sure to let you know, one way or the other.

    Pearl…Pearl was her mum’s (Rubin) favourite, and Rubin kept her very close. Pearl only ever had time for Rubin, and didn’t care to be close to anyone else. When Rubin died, she was very much at a loss. She has always been a solitary little being (she didn’t even like her twin, Percival), which is why I won’t bring another rat into the house right now. It would distress her no end, and would fuck things up for a new rat. That makes things tough for us both, because normally, I would have reacted to so many rat deaths by immersing myself in a new crew, but I haven’t been able to do that. That is most likely why I’ve thought about deleting Rattitude, and likely why I won’t do that if I end up with a new crew.

  7. Hi C,

    I truly understand why you may take down Rattitude. If you do, would it be possible to give me a heads up so that I can visit them all again before you do so?


  8. Oh, of course, A! I would not do that without letting certain people know. As of right now, Pearl is going strong – she turned 3 years old on July 11th.

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