I love Dandelions, like miniature suns dotted about, with a buzz of bees orbiting. Next to Daisies, my favourite flower.



3 thoughts on “Joy

  1. I love dandelions too. When they start blooming, I know spring has arrived. I’m also very partial to the wild geraniums that grow in my flower beds. I’ve been encouraging them to spread where they will. =^_^=

  2. If it comes down to subsistence-grazing dandelions, there are enough of ’em growing in our yard to feed the neighborhood!

    I like the blossoms, but the puff-balls…not so much. Especially after the balls have puffed and the naked stems are left standing at attention.

  3. A, same thing here – they are first happy signs of Spring. Oh, wild geraniums! They must be beautiful. I’m all for flowers going wild.

    Cicely, there are oceans of dandelions not only on our property, but all around. I love them, and I love the wishes, too! I love taking photos of them. When they get to being naked, it’s time to dig up roots, and wash & dry them. They make a good digestive tea and a nice addition to coffee.

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