Leaf 16: satin

Outline stitch and Satin stitch (which is a right pain in the arse when working with divisible stranded thread.) I have absolutely no idea of what to do with Leaf 17, so I guess I’ll think on it a bit.



7 thoughts on “Leaf 16: satin

  1. So, what with, death of old iPad, internet issues, meatspace, etc.,
    I lost a bunch of bookmarks.
    Then I remembered what was missing.
    Getting old in the brain is a motherfucker.
    This piece is stunning.

  2. Oh no, I’m sorry your iPad died, that’s such a pain. I try to back up stuff on a regular basis, but forget, and I never seem to back up current bookmarks, which is the fuckin’ worst. I agree that getting old in the brain is a motherfucker.

    Thank you!

  3. I hear ya.

    After the knees, I believe I’d like to have my traitorous gall bladder removed, and only replaced if a better-performing unit is available. Next, something needs to be done about my vision; I’m not sure what causes the granulization and “ghosting” in my vision when I’ve been close-focusing on something—say, when drawing or painting—but I do not like it. And it messes up near and distant imaging for up to an hour, afterwards.

    Cleaning up the carpal-tunnel-related nonsense would also be appreciated.

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