On the dragon quilt, I went with Americana quilting thread, as it’s 100% glaced cotton, heavyweight with a superior, smooth pull, never causes bearding. I’ve had the stuff for ages, it cost all of .99 cents. Well…you can’t get it anymore, and a lot of people are desperate to get their hands on it. I found one source, where I can get it for $7.50 a spool, complete with Australia to U.S. shipping costs. Godsdamnit. If I can’t find something *very* similar, I’ll have to rip out everything I’ve done, and start all over with another thread, doubtless something I won’t be pleased with. Eff eff effety eff.



4 thoughts on “Screwed

  1. Ah, yes—the old, “Object wanted is no longer available” phenomenon, which has dogged my intermittently craftsy life.

    Just you wait; you’ll have to settle for something else, maybe Redo From Start, finish the project—and then the unavailable item will make a come-back. It never fails.

  2. I don’t think this is coming back, unfortunately. There are a hell of a lot of hand quilters who feel the same way I do about the stuff, to no avail. Jo-Ann’s carried it back in the day, and outside of a shop in Australia, it’s disappeared. From what I read yesterday, no one has bothered to imitate it, either. The closest seems to be Iris, but trying to find that thread in the States is almost impossible, and no one is happy with the Gutterman cotton glace, either.


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