Let the quilting begin

A start. A very slow start. I’m rather flattened by a cold at the moment, so not overly productive.


I’ll happily endorse the Quilting Paper from Golden Threads (under notions) – it’s tissue thin, yet very strong. An excellent product, available in a choice of sizes, and for a reasonable price.



3 thoughts on “Let the quilting begin

  1. Thanks, Cicely. It seems it’s the flu, not a cold, and it is damn hard to shake. I’m less productive than an amoeba right now.

    Quilting…yes. Long time. Boring. Good to do when flattened by flu.

  2. Your red and purple* dragon is beautiful, C. Also, “forever”** in your time is much shorter than “forever” for the rest of us. :D

    I hope your recovery from the flu is swift. Please take care.

    *Rather than the black I originally thought I saw.
    **Quoted from your “Dragon, washed, ironed”

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