Hands Up Don’t Shoot

Our Tees have arrived. I shall wear mine with defiant happiness.



6 thoughts on “Hands Up Don’t Shoot

  1. I will do the same with mine, which arrived while I was in Wisconsin. I opened it up yesterday afternoon.

    I hope all is well with you, C. ♥

    As for myself, the longer I’m home, the better I’ll be. Sometimes life involves learning what you can really do/change and picking your fights accordingly. For whatever reasons, my siblings will not listen to me about what our mother needs, and my hands are tied. It can be rather depressing, but I am working hard to not let it be. Physically and mentally, I really can’t afford the stress and sadness, especially since my pain medication seems to be out the later in me without much assistance and stress usually makes my fibromyalgia worse.

  2. Hekuni Cat, I’m glad you have your shirt, too, we’ll probably end up wearing them the same day at one point. I’m so sorry for all the stress, that makes fibro so much worse. I seem to have a similar problem with pain meds – they space me out much more than they reduce pain.

    Cicely, I haven’t been, but things are bit better now.

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