Stay Angry. Stay Woke. Stay Informed.


Photo (Joe Raedle/Getty). and keep bringing the news. There is a flood of racist shit coming in too, highlighting the need for attention, attention, attention to institutionalized racism and every day racism in the States.  Things to to read and help with:

Appoint a Special Prosecutor to Investigate the Murder of Michael Brown

#Ferguson in pictures: the most gripping images taken in the wake of the Michael Brown shooting.

When The Media Treats White Suspects & Killers Better Than Black Victims

Rage Is the Right Response to What Happened in Ferguson

Ferguson fuels ‘kill switch’ debate

The Price of Blackness

Discussing Race & Racism with Your Black Friends: Dos & Don’ts

A Letter to America

Here’s How You Can Help Kids In Ferguson Who Don’t Have Food Now That School’s Closed

Fundly: Feed the students of Ferguson

The $100 Life

Why am I still alive?

THIS WEEK IN TEAR GAS: Ecuador, Turkey, Egypt, and America. Can you tell which one is where? #Ferguson

Because sisters create space for us even in their grieving. #WeGotYouSis #Ferguson #MikeBrown

Campaigns and Ways to Help for #MikeBrown #Ferguson

Statement on 7 Arrested Last Night from the Legal Support Team

An excerpt from that last link:

After leaving the march, they went to the home of one of their aunt’s on Kirk Drive. They were sitting in their parked car in front of the house smoking a cigarette when a swarm of police officers dressed in fatigues and what the arrestees describe as “military garb” rushed the car, put guns in their faces, and began pulling them out of the car. Two young women were pulled out of the car by their hair, and one was dragged through the dirt. All were told they were resisting arrest.

This has got to stop.

They came all the way from India to #Ferguson.   Wake Up, America! The world is watching.


 And for those of us who have been here before, and asking why in the fuck are we doing this again?

Buffalo Springfield – Stop Children What’s That Sound


3 thoughts on “Stay Angry. Stay Woke. Stay Informed.

  1. Not criticizin’!.
    It’s just that the Al Jazeera article was the first I’d read that added the non-compliance issue (on a wider scale) to the hell-brew. And I think that it is an important ingredient.

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