It was not that long ago

that I had to surrender my almost brand new computer for 3.5 weeks to have a fan replaced. I wasn’t pleased. I was less than impressed when a fan started making a death rattle, again.  I told Rick I wasn’t going to have it sent off again, just open it up and see what kind of fan is needed. Again. Well, turns out the only place to get one is from the computer manufacturer, and they were understanding about not wanting to send it off, and are going to send one under warranty, which is nice. They won’t be able to send one for 10 days, however, so it’s still a major wait. In the meantime, I can’t keep my computer running, so I’ll be gone for a bit.


7 thoughts on “It was not that long ago

  1. Thanks, all. Oh, this is such a pain in the ass – I now have clients calling me, which I *hate*. Aaargh.

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