It’s that time of year. I loathe housecleaning, so the thorough ‘get this damn place clean’ rampage is taking a while.



8 thoughts on “Cleaning

  1. Whenever I’m done cleaning the last corner the first has already reverted to its original state.

  2. Housecleaning blows great, big, wobbly chunks. It leaves me not with a sense of “something accomplished”, but of “well, that’s [x amount of time] wasted that I want back”.

    In only-peripherally-related news, apparently my computer’s problems with this site were IE related; Firefox reads it just fine! Huzzah!

  3. Chigau, my hair is bloody everywhere. I’m somewhat amazed I have any on my head.

    Cicely, yeah, I get the sense of time wasted too. If It doesn’t get done periodically though, I’d be buried. Rick has a tendency to pile stuff up. Everywhere. I’m glad Firefox fixed things!

  4. My hair gets everywhere too; when combined with all the shedding Chloe does, especially this year, I fear it is close to becoming a new, distinct life form.

  5. Hekuni Cat, I think that’s already happened here, given two monster dogs, many rats, five cats, and two long-haired people.

    We brushed the dogs for about 5 minutes this evening, yielding a great deal of hair, which will be put out on the deck for the birds (nest building). At least part of the constant hair pile will go to a purpose.

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