Women Destroy Science Fiction!


The special edition of Lightspeed Magazine is out. Grab a copy, subscribe, celebrate all those fantastic voices in science fiction these days! I grabbed an e-copy from B&N, and I’m off to read.

…As the issue grew, so did the team. Authors, essayists, illustrators, voice actors, interviewers and interviewees, slush readers and copy editors – more women got involved weak after week. All told, this issue is the work of 109 women.

And those are just the direct contributors. That doesn’t count the more than one thousand women who sent us stories, or the nearly three thousand people who backed the Kickstarter, or the countless supporters who blogged on their own sites, posted to social media, or otherwise boosted the signal.

We did this. As one person put it, we took hurt and rage and turned it into something beautiful.

And we did it together.

Christie Yant, Lightspeed Magazine, June 2014

And look, a free book: Some of the Best from Tor.com: 2012 Edition


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