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I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention a debut novel by Luke Delaney, Cold Killing. It’s close to brilliant, and a compelling read. Mr. Delaney is a former London murder detective, and his experience shows in myriad ways, giving this read a serious edge over most mystery/detective fiction. There’s no flinching when it comes to the things cops may or may not do. The protagonist, Sean Corrigan, is a complex character. His abusive background can be a bit uneasy for those of us who had one of those, but it’s not terribly bad, nothing on the serious trigger front, at least for me. The antagonist is brilliantly baffling, and the book has one of the best double storyline twists I’ve read in a very long time. If you like a very good mystery/detective fiction book peopled with highly interesting characters, don’t miss this one. Mr. Delaney has the second Corrigan book out this July, and I’ll definitely be buying.



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