Happy May Day

to all, and wherever you are, I hope you have flowers.



6 thoughts on “Happy May Day

  1. I have some flowers. My wild geraniums started blooming yesterday. I love their beautiful purple flowers. My daffodils have come and gone. My tulips are on their way out; all the rain we had over the past few days didn’t do them any favors. My roses have finally started to produce leaves. My poor azaleas have yet to bloom, but the bush in the front shouldn’t have been planted there (courtesy of the previous owners). Azaleas need full sunlight. And then there’s my irises, which will probably flower when I’m out of town at my mother’s for two weeks. I’ll be asking Dave to take pictures. Again. :D

  2. Hekuni Cat, oh, you are way ahead of me. The tulips have barely poked their way above ground here. The most we have are some buds, even the trees aren’t leafed yet.

    Chigau, even our wild Johnny-jump-ups are nowhere in sight. It will be a while yet.

  3. And may we be done with the frosts for the year…’cause I don’t want to lose another bunch of marigolds or tomato plants.

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