Good Find

Stopped at Goodwill while in town on Wednesday, and among the usual book finds, something a bit unusual – the complete, unabridged audio CDs of The Rings Trilogy by Tolkien. Only the first book of CDs was even opened, the other two are still sealed. Bought it for $25.00. The list price from 1990 is on the back, $129.00. I’m having fun listening to them, especially as I haven’t read the books since I was 10, which is 46 years ago now. Yikes!





4 thoughts on “Good Find

  1. Great find!

    Reading that was a rite of passage for our generation, unfortunately the youth of today seem content with watching the films : (

  2. I was pretty pleased!

    There have been endless discussions about the movies on Pharyngula, and it seems pretty clear that most people, age regardless, prefer the books. I’m fairly easy to please in that regard, I like both.

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