The starlings arrived en masse late yesterday. I could only capture a fraction of them, hanging out of my studio window at an odd (and uncomfortable) angle. They were amazing to hear, and to watch, as over a hundred of them swirled about in the sky, landing in one tree, then the next.



2 thoughts on “Convocation

  1. It must have been an awesome sight.

    Here in Virginia, we’re supposed to be able to see the lunar eclipse tonight. Alas, it is cloudy and that is unlikely to change in time. I wanted to see a lunar eclipse. *pout*

  2. Oh, it was amazing! I wish I could have captured it, but I was lucky to see it at all.

    The eclipse is supposed to start late tonight here, and last through to tomorrow. I’m hoping I get a chance to see it, but we’ve had cloudy weather too, so I might be pouting right along with you.

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