This is why

I’m not getting anything done on the not-so-quick quilt. Well, one of the reasons, anyway. Too many ideas in my head.  This will be something much larger, at some point in the future. Quite a long ways in the future, I think. I used a Yellow-Blotched map turtle (Graptemys flavimaculata) for my base, they are so very beautiful.

Click for larger image
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5 thoughts on “This is why

  1. Interesting, my first thought when I saw the first sketch was “shield”. Then I read on

  2. Giliell, a turtle’s shell can be considered a shield. Turtle is an important animal in Lakota beliefs and myths, especially concerned with women’s health and longevity. One day, I’m going to embroider this, much larger, a la the horse I recently did.

    Hekuni Cat, thank you! I’m a bit turtle crazy, and it took about half of forever to even get a start, because I had such trouble deciding on which turtle to use as the base.

  3. Hey Caine
    I still don’t feel well enough to get involved in internet discussions again, but I’m reading and just wanted to send you some hugs.

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